Trampoline Chalk Mandala and Way Behind on Promised Posts . . . but you still love me.

We are hitting a clip with school and our new "normal" around here. We're getting better at it all! It has taken our family a little bit of time to figure out what to cling to and what to let go . . . you know? Maybe you have experienced the same feeling.

One thing that I hope for all of us is that we don't become so focused in this time on checking all of our predetermined boxes that we forget how to live on the spot, in-the-moment, if you will. I was inside the house doing a workout and I caught a glimpse of my daughter outside alone on the trampoline and thought - "WHY AM I IN HERE WHEN I COULD BE OUT THERE WITH HER?" So I hit the pause button on my predetermined mission and went with the flow.

My baby girl was so sweet to me. She told me that she was so glad I came out to see her because she was feeling kind of lonely and was glad I was there. Melt my heart, I mean - COME ON! We proceeded to make this fun chalk mandala together which definitely hit both our Art and PE credits for the day!

When I used to study Art Therapy, I had one class where we began each day with some art time to make a mandala. We traced a large bowl on paper and just drew whatever we needed to inside that round space. Sometimes my mandala had symmetry. Sometimes it had humor and lacked balance, but it was always a place for me to put my feelings and inspirations and I appreciated the opportunity before we dove into the books and texts.

So anyway. I hope that you are having a colorful day. I hope you broke with your predetermined schedule and plans at least once. I hope you are well and happy!


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