Music and Scrabble

I'm up. I bet there are lots of other people out there who are also up. I think it was Tessa today who pointed out the magnitude of shared experience around the globe to us today. I forget the context, but I was proud of her for her intentional groundedness and her wisdom.
I need to find a new routine for bedtime or something. I do really well most of the day and then it's nights that get me. Again, I'm sure this is the same for lots of us. On my run today, I found my brain wandering to thoughts of wisdom like Tessa had today. We had a conversation at one point about frustrations in life and being mad at ourselves for things we do poorly, things like aggression and snappy tones and things that come more easily in times of stress. I told her that in my 42 years, I've learned that those things are habits and don't usually change over night. We have to chip away at bad habits and be good to ourselves as we try to get better at things we don't like doing like that. …

My First Quarantine

In the thoughts that swirled around my head today, one was that it's okay to suck at all this, because for the most part, this is our collective first Quarantine badge. It's deeply sad to realize that the likelihood exists that it will not be our last, but I must also consider that this was somebody's first and last. That's a grim thought. I'm grateful that my first was also not my last. I'm glad I get to keep learning and growing.
It's inauthentic for me to say that I don't have regrets. I do. What I know, in an attempt to live with an intentionally healthy outlook, is that I won't give my regrets the final say. I'll feel them, listen to them and include them in my planning process moving forward. But there is always a twinge of feeling that days have passed and slipped on, and there may have been a better way. I accept the impossibility to change what has been, and embrace the reality that I will grow through experience. 
We live in a world wher…

Printmaking with the Huckle Fam!

Check out our video doing some gelatin plate printmaking! We had fun!
Some tips!1. You can buy a plate called a Gelli Plate. They come in lots of sizes! Or, you can make your own Gelatin plate. Recipes that use some Glycerin make your plate stronger and last longer. Here is one recipe from a real printmaker! ----->RECIPE<-----
2. You can print with paints or inks. I like to use tempera paint that is washable and roll it onto the plate with a BRAYER (roller)
3. Print with things from nature, yarn, draw into it lightly (all gelli plates are fragile, don't scratch or dig!)
4. You can layer your prints - start with one color, let it dry and print again and again!
5. You can keep "absorbing" your paint or ink until the plate is all clean. These are called "ghost" prints! Have fun, experiment - and if your homemade gelatin plate gets damaged, you can melt it in the microwave and chill again!


I have mixed feelings about cheerful distraction.
On one hand, as people who intend to be active problem-solvers in the world, it's our duty to have an awareness of the problems (duh) we intend to help solve (yay!) . . . so there's that. But at what point is too much . . . TOO much? I had to step away from some of the news today. I've had a few too many nights where I'm up very late just feeling anxious and sad, talking myself out of feeling anxious and sad, and trying not to midnight snack.

But all of that said, there is surely a place for cheerful preoccupations that bring joy and life and color to your days. Are you at all surprised to hear me advocate for that? Yeah.

So IN OTHER NEWS, here is a smattering of the other things we've been enjoying.


I've been pinning carrot cake recipes for like 6 weeks, dreaming of making one. I finally started one this weekend only to realize we were out of flour . . . but we had GLUTEN FREE flour! I substituted it wi…

A Distant Memory!

We did this amazing activity yesterday and it was NOT our idea . . . we had a distancing activity with our neighbors across the street and made a really special memory.

To be SURE to state - both families were on opposite sides of the glass with zero sharing or swapping of materials or socializing. We take these orders very seriously and even when our dog ran out the door today and they were in the driveway, we tried to maintain our six feet as we chased her into their yard!

Our neighbor is the type of person who will be in the midst of her own getting settled and moving and make sure to deliver us a sweet surprise on our doorstep. She is a person who never fails to be thoughtful and caring and do things to make people feel supported and acknowledged and just . . . special. Libby is a gem of a neighbor, we are so lucky to have our driveway meet up with hers!

I got a text asking if we would be interested in painting on the outside of Libby's sliding door while she and her children…

Doing the least important thing.

This is just going to be a lot of words and writing. If you want blinky emojis and colors tonight, this is not the post for you! Run away! HA!

I think we all reach a place where we are struggling to put all of the newness we are feeling into words - sometimes that isn't even possible. I believe in the magic of creative expression to channel those bizarre conglomerations of feelings that sometimes don't even seem fathomable on the same calendar day - we can express ourselves into release. Running frees me - all that sizzling, frantic energy that has to go somewhere. I smash the energy into the pavement and feel renewed. My right hip is inflamed and on fire, but I just keep going, probably foolishly. I don't think I've logged a 52 mile month since before I had kids. It's a good thing. I feel good about it.

The whole world right now is living, albeit more forcibly - in my typical way. I'm an extroverted introvert which means that I present myself as an extrovert …

Trampoline Chalk Mandala and Way Behind on Promised Posts . . . but you still love me.

We are hitting a clip with school and our new "normal" around here. We're getting better at it all! It has taken our family a little bit of time to figure out what to cling to and what to let go . . . you know? Maybe you have experienced the same feeling.

One thing that I hope for all of us is that we don't become so focused in this time on checking all of our predetermined boxes that we forget how to live on the spot, in-the-moment, if you will. I was inside the house doing a workout and I caught a glimpse of my daughter outside alone on the trampoline and thought - "WHY AM I IN HERE WHEN I COULD BE OUT THERE WITH HER?" So I hit the pause button on my predetermined mission and went with the flow.

My baby girl was so sweet to me. She told me that she was so glad I came out to see her because she was feeling kind of lonely and was glad I was there. Melt my heart, I mean - COME ON! We proceeded to make this fun chalk mandala together which definitely hit bot…